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At Skinology, we’re constantly trying to improve our services and treatments, and are always happy to receive feedback from our valued clientele. No matter what option our clients choose, we will work hard to make sure that they’re completely satisfied with the results. Check out some of their testimonials and contact us to hear more about our Skin and Laser Center.


Sharon Kerr

"Been going to the lovely Caroline for a few months now. Loving my bespoke treatments and cannot wait to try new ones. Would Highly recommend. x"

Jamie Genevieve

5 Stars
"The best! Love all the treatments Ive had so far, couldn't recommend Caroline enough!"

Jacqueline Armstrong

"Caroline is amazing! I suffered from adult acne for around 3 years tried so many different products from the GPand spent hundreds of pounds on products to try and help my skin, nothing ever worked!! I was introduced to Caroline through a friend and she worked her magic on me. I has salicylic acid face peels and used hmecare that she recommended,my skin has been acne free for 5 months now and my scarring is almost gone.the difference is amazing and she has totally given me my confidence back, cannot recommend her enough. She knows her stuff!!"

Mercedes Marshall

"Absolute best in the business! Caroline is the nicest person ever and is so good at what she does- couldn't recommend her more"

Lisa Smith

"Would 100% recommend Caroline! my skin has dramatically changed for the better, scant believe how good my skin is now! Total morale worker "

Sharon Cuthebert

"Caroline is the queen of skin. I cannot believe the difference in my skin after having recommended treatments and using tailor made home care. after years of battling with bumpy, oily, pigmented skin...I have finally found the results I thought id never achieve.  after visiting Caroline at FTT Skin Clinics in Hamilton, I knew I was in the best hands.
as a make up artist I know how important it is to have great skin and I'm now very comfortable within my skin to go make up free some days. 
thanks you , Thank You , Thank You."


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